About Us

  "Natural products" LTD has long experience in the production of cold-pressed oils, flours and herbs. To be sure of the quality of the raw material, we open and registered a herbal point, where we gently collect herbs from the cleanest regions in Bulgaria. This give us a countless types of herbs in our assortment.

 Thanks to the traditional techniques of cold pressing of a wide range of seeds and herbs our goal is naturalness, quality and supply of unique and valuable products. We produce cold-pressed oil, powder, tablets, herbs that retain all their natural properties. In the production of cold pressed oil, the oil seeds are gently pressed without constant abrasion or agitation. This reduces the amount of bitter substances and other undesirable components in the oil for better quality and taste.

  The products meet safety standards and control of the food of the Bulgarian, European and USA legislation - HACCP, GMP and FDA. The company also has issued the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

 We are a company based in Bulgaria with experience on European, Asian and American market and our goal is to make products with the quality given by nature. For production of our products we use only natural products without improvers. That's why we like to say "Nature is health". We would like to make the market a place where we can pick goods for our kids with no fear.


• Our brand and label
We have our own product line with our own label and brand, that includes cold pressed oils, powders / flour, tablets, soft gel capsules, herbs.



• Your brand and label



•  Wholesale
•  Bring you material, we will produce it for you

If you need cold pressed oil, powder / flour, tablets or soft capsules and herbs, and we do not have these products in our presentation, please feel free to contact with us.